Wednesday 03.02.2021
Published02 02 2021, 17:00
Danger level
Avalanche Problem
Wind-drifted snow


Wet snow


Wind slabs in the high Alpine regions. Gliding avalanches and moist snow slides are to be expected during the day.
The wind slabs of the last few days can still be released in some cases on near-ridge east and south facing slopes above approximately 2300 m. Sometimes Explanation: "these" may only stand for "these avalanches" are medium-sized and can mostly still be released by large loads. As a consequence of a moderate to strong southerly wind, mostly shallow wind slabs will form from late morning adjacent to ridgelines on north and east facing slopes. The fresh wind slabs are in many cases small but prone to triggering. These will form in particular at elevated altitudes.

As a consequence of warming during the day and solar radiation small to medium-sized gliding avalanches and moist snow slides are possible. This applies especially on steep sunny slopes above approximately 1500 m, including on grassy slopes.

Backcountry touring and other off-piste activities call for meticulous route selection.
Up to 2300 m rain fell on Monday over a wide area. As a consequence of falling temperatures and low relative humidity a crust will form on the surface during the night. The surface of the snowpack will already soften in the late morning. This applies especially on steep sunny slopes. The foehn wind will transport only a little snow. At low and intermediate altitudes less snow than usual is lying. At high altitude snow depths vary greatly, depending on the infuence of the wind.
The danger of dry and moist avalanches will decrease gradually.