Sunday 18.04.2021
Published17 04 2021, 17:00
Danger level
Avalanche Problem
Wind-drifted snow



A generally favourable avalanche situation will prevail. Hardly any increase in danger of dry avalanches as a consequence of the new snow.
Extremely steep shady slopes: Single skiers can release avalanches in isolated cases.
In addition small wind slabs will form adjacent to ridgelines on east and south facing slopes during the course of the night. The fresh wind slabs will be deposited on a crust. The avalanches are small but in some cases easily released.
The weather will be cold. Some snow will fall in the next few hours. These wintry weather conditions will give rise to significant consolidation of the snowpack.
Sunny slopes: The surface of the snowpack will freeze to form a strong crust.
Shady slopes high altitudes and the high Alpine regions: The snowpack is favourably layered and its surface consists of loosely bonded snow lying on a melt-freeze crust.
In all regions at intermediate and high altitudes less snow than usual is lying. At low altitude from a snow sport perspective, insufficient snow is lying.
The avalanche danger will persist.