Sunday 28.03.2021
Published27 03 2021, 17:07
Danger level

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wet snow

Moist slab avalanches and gliding avalanches and moist snow slides are possible from the middle of the day.
A clear night will be followed by favourable avalanche conditions generally, but the danger of wet and gliding avalanches will increase later. This applies on rocky sunny slopes in all altitude zones, as well as on very steep shady slopes below approximately 2000 m. The avalanches in these loacations are rather small.

The conditions are favourable in the morning for backcountry touring and other off-piste activities.
The high humditiy gave rise on Saturday to rapid moistening of the snowpack over a wide area in all aspects in all altitude zones. Outgoing longwave radiation during the night will be quite good. The surface of the snowpack will freeze to form a strong crust and will already soften in the late morning.

At low altitude from a snow sport perspective, in most cases insufficient snow is lying.
The danger of moist and wet avalanches will persist.