Monday 05.04.2021
Published04 04 2021, 17:00
Danger level
Avalanche Problem
Persistent weak layer


Wet snow



Weakly bonded old snow at high altitude. Moist snow slides and avalanches are still possible in the afternoon.
The old wind slabs of recent weeks can be released in isolated cases, but mostly only by large additional loads, on very steep shady slopes above approximately 2400 m.
From midday as a consequence of warming during the day and solar radiation there will be an increase in the danger of moist avalanches. This applies on very steep sunny slopes at intermediate and high altitudes, as well as on very steep shady slopes below approximately 2000 m. The moist avalanches are only small.
Outgoing longwave radiation during the night will be good over a wide area.
Sunny slopes: The surface of the snowpack will freeze to form a strong crust and will soften later than the day before.
Shady slopes above approximately 2500 m: Stability tests and weak layers in the old snowpack show the existence of a weak snowack.

In all regions at intermediate and high altitudes less snow than usual is lying. At low altitude from a snow sport perspective, in most cases insufficient snow is lying.
The danger of moist avalanches will decrease quickly.